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We now live in an information age. Information and knowledge are now the most important elements in our work and daily life. Because the world of information is changing so quickly, there is a tremendous necessity these days for people to engage in learning -- and not only the formal kind of learning we get from schools -- learning on the job, learning constantly, learning in any place, at any time, and learning from others. Therefore, our philosophy of learning and education encompasses all these venues. By bringing you this course over the Intenet, we believe we are contributing to a new kind of education. We've designed the course to be as responsive to your learning needs as possible. We hope to learn, along with you, much about how this new type of teaching and learning is best served.

What is CARE (Cyberspace Assisted Responsive Education)? -- Ifay Chang

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How Will the I-CARE Courses Be Taught (FAQ Answers)

I-CARE Facilities And Tools

* E-mail -- E-mail is provided for the students to communicate with faculty and with each other. This tool can be found in the left tool bar of the I-CARE cyberspace classroom interface.
* Telnet -- Telnet is a program that allows you to connect your computer to a remote host computer. Unix and Windows 95 come with Telnet programs.
* FTP -- FTP is a file transfer program' that allows you to transfer files from one computer to another. PRIDE's hosts and workstations all support FTP.
* Chat Session -- Chat session is a tool providing real time chatting (with two or more people typing at their computers and thus sharing their comments) over the Internet. It appears as an icon on the left tool bar of the I-CARE cyberspace classroom.
* Group Calendar -- The Group Calendar is a public tool listing the major events in the course. It can be found on the left tool bar of the I-CARE cyberspace classroom.
* Bulletin Board -- The Bulletin Board is a tool allowing students and faculty to post information in a public area. It appears as an icon on the right tool bar of the I-CARE cyberspace classroom.
* Appointment Books -- The Appointment Book tool allows students to make appointments with faculty for either telephone calls or computer chat sessions. It appears as an icon on the left tool bar of the I-CARE cyberspace classroom.
* Discussion Forum -- The Discussion Forum is a groupware tool supporting group discussion initiated either by students and/or faculty. It can be found on the right tool bar of the I-CARE cyberspace classroom. A similar tool called homework assignment is also provided for students to use to submit their homework assignments.
* Search Engines -- Search engines are general search tools available on the Internet, such as Infoseek, Yahoo, Alta Vista, etc. PRIDE provides a search tool which helps students search for subjects.
* On-Line Databases and Knowledge bases
* Lexicon Dictionary
* Resources -- Resources are tools for student and faculty use. They include dictionaries, reference documents, FAQ files and links.

Rules of Operation and Conduct